How to Stay Connected with Your Grandchildren

It can sometimes be too easy to feel disconnected from your grandchildren. After all, they are many years younger than you, and they are growing up in a different generation than you did. It is likely that they will be experiencing the world much differently than you did, and it can be tricky to relate to this. There are ways to overcome the feeling of growing apart from them! By spending time doing activities with them, you will be able to reconnect and share experiences again. This will create lasting memories that your grandchildren will carry with them forever.

Go for Walks

Walking With Children

Children are spending far too much time indoors. They stay inside at school all day, then they come home and watch television all evening. This is not stimulating for their developing minds. Take the children away from the TV, and go on walks with them. Show them places where old buildings used to stand. Explain to them how they can tell how old trees are. Walk through fields of grass and flowers and embrace the outdoors. This will be a welcome change from the children’s regular activities. They will be able to thrive better if they are able to breathe in the fresh air. Overall, this will set the children up to be healthier in the long run, as they will likely continue to include daily walks in their lives as they grow up.

Rebuild a Car

Led Light Car

If you are a car enthusiast, rebuilding a car might be a fun project for you and your grandchildren. You may need to wait until they are a little older, but the payoff will be rewarding! If you get really adventurous, you could add extra parts to your car. Lightbar Liaison, for example, is a website that explains how to add LED light bars to the top of your car! You and your grandchildren will be the owners of the brightest car on the block!

Cook with Them

Bake With Grandparents

Sometimes life lessons need to be started as early as possible. Instill the love of cooking in your grandchildren by having them help you prepare meals for the entire family. They will appreciate the time that you are taking to teach them about something they will be using in the future. It will then be easier for them when they are older and trying to cook for themselves. The basic skills have already been mastered at that point. This is also the time to share old family recipes with them, and pass the secret ingredients down to the next generation to enjoy.


Do not let age get in the way of enjoying time with your grandchildren! Try to spend time with them doing activities that everyone enjoys doing. Walking, rebuilding a vehicle, or cooking are good examples of things that you could do with them. When they are grown up, they will definitely remember and appreciate that you took the time to bond with them.