Grandpa’s Brain Workouts

I am sure most grandpas like me want to make the most of the precious family time they can get to spend with their grandchildren to develop a close bond with them. These times are the most valuable, aren’t they?

The problem is, how do we cope up with these lovable creatures? After 50, we are starting to have problems that come in the way between us and them. We have to make sure that we are physically and mentally ready to do so, and it starts with taking care of our body, and especially our mind.

In my case, I do brain exercises to keep me mentally sharp and alert. Here are some brain workouts that I regularly do:


1. I do math in my head – I try to figure out numbers without the aid of calculators or computers. I don’t always get the right answer, but I worked my brains out!

2. I like problem-solving – I have a lot of board games that I play with my grandchildren, such as scrabble, puzzles, Sudoku, and others, to stimulate my skill.

3. I keep my brain hormones balanced – I get into the sun more often and I get more vitamin D outdoors. I just started my vegetable garden last week.


4. I try to be creative even if I’m not – Painting and arts are fun hobbies and mental aerobics. They make me think and at the same time improve my handiness and skills.

5. I never cooked in my life – I took cooking classes to be able to use a lot of senses together – smell, touch, sight, and taste. I loved Chinese takeout and cakes, so I learned how to bake and how to cook Chinese dishes.


6. I read a lot! – Books, newspapers, and magazines, I read them all! They engage my brain all the time.

7. I am a computer geek! – Not really, but with the help of my grandchildren, I play with thousands of free games online to help build my skills.


8. Social activities – I always enjoy going out with my family and with my grandchildren, or even with old friends.

9. Do you imagine? – When you use your imagination, you exercise your brain. I imagine a lot of things like winning the lottery, going to the moon, etc.

10. Doing crazy things – I exercise my mind with crazy things, like doing things with eyes closed, using the other hand to write, etc. because they enhance my five senses.


I know I want to develop lasting relationships with my grandchildren, and the only way is to keep my body and my mind fit.

I combine physical and mental exercises, achieving healthy body and mind and at the same time having fun and enjoying with them at the same time.

At our age, we can exercise our brain by doing different kinds of stimulating brain exercises alone or together with our grandchildren. These mind games will enhance our minds, help counteract boredom and inactivity, and keep our minds sharp and alert! You don’t want to bore the grandchildren, do you?