7 Values to Give Your Grandchild

While you can probably become your grandchild’s favorite grandpa for a little while by lavishing great gifts on them, the child will only value those gifts for a short bit. Instead, consider becoming a role model in their lives, and you will soon discover that they love spending time with you.

Teach Respect for Others

One of the most important lessons that you can teach them is to be yourself. You are a unique individual. Find ways to share with your grandchild what makes you unique. Do not stop there. Instead, show the grandchild that you value the things that make them unique as well.

Empower Them to Make the Most of Their Dreams


Grandchildren have lots of dreams that may never come true. Embrace those dreams with your whole attitude. For example, if they want to be a paramedic, then take them to see an ambulance. Look for every opportunity to help them make the most of their dreams. At the same time, involve the child in embracing your own dreams. They will love to help you, and the bonding time will be priceless.

Show Them the Importance of Caring for Others


Teach your grandchild the importance of looking out for others less fortunate than themselves. Have them help you deliver dog food to the local animal shelter or give someone without a car a ride to the doctor. While they are spending time with you, they will grow up to recognize the value in caring for others.

Be a Lifelong Learner


Embrace their love of learning by helping them learn something new. The world is full of opportunities to explore things that they are studying in school. For example, if they are finding the studying of planets fascinating, then consider taking them to the local observatory. Let the child know how much you enjoy learning even as an older adult by sharing with them things that you are learning in your own life at a level that they can understand.

Show Thanksgiving

Living with an attitude of gratitude in front of your grandchild can be really important. Make sure that you are showing them to respect every individual no matter what job they are doing. Say thank you and please in front of your grandchild so that they can proudly copy your style.

Teach That What the World Needs is More Love


Encourage them to be peacemakers by settling your own conflicts in positive ways. Agree to disagree with them in ways that will allow their minds to consider a problem from a different angle. If you are able to walk away from an argument, then let them see you do it. Otherwise, show them the power in fighting fairly. Let them see you happily embrace all those around you when something great is happening in their lives.

You see, it is not about the money that you spend on your grandchild, but about being a role model in their lives. When you are the type of individual that they want to follow, then they will gladly beg to spend time with you.