5 awesome things about growing old

Getting old is often associated with misery. But the truth is, you never know just how great ageing is until you age. Being in my fifties, I can truthfully tell you that life gets better with age. Here are some awesome things about ageing that you probably didn’t know.

Getting Wiser


You probably have heard that you people get wiser with age. Well, this is very true. As you grow older so does your cognitive ability. Perhaps, because of past experiences which helps you to easily create connections between various situations. Therefore, you will notice that you get better at making decisions and solving problems as you grow older. This is one of the reason that you will find people trusting aged guys to lead them, in politics and even in the corporate world.



People tend to be happier in their old age. Why you ask? As you get older, your coping ability grows with you. Therefore, you will have less negativity towards life and various situations. Another reason why we older folks are happier is because of increased self-esteem. Past your middle age, you will not give a hoot about looking like a model. At this point, you are just comfortable with being you. This is one key to being happier.


After you reach your fifties you start appreciating yourself as you are. Spending all those years trying to be something else has probably worn you out and at this point you just want to relax and be comfortable in your skin. This is followed by less effort to look like someone else, thus, your stress levels go under.

More Money and More Savings


When you hit your fifties, you will notice that there are more inlets bringing you more and more ways of saving you money. First, you are guaranteed of a minimum income even when you are not working. Also, with Medicare and Medicaid, you are guaranteed of a health insurance that significantly reduces your medical costs. Also, at this point you will find more people, especially family willing to support you, if not financially, in terms of service.

Clear Priorities in Life


We older folks tend to make better choices than we would when we were younger. You will find that we attribute somethings, like spending time with family, with more significance than others. This comes after years of lessons and learning to identify and appreciate what matters most in our life. Also, you will notice that as an older folk, you pay more attention to the good rather than to the bad.

Bottom Line

Getting old doesn’t mean that your life automatically starts to sulk or your face gets saggy. If you are eating right and exercising you might stay unbelievably young while enjoying the awesomeness of old age. If you live to your fifties and more, you will consider these as your peak years. So, worry no more about getting older (gerascophobia), for it only gets better.