How to Stay Connected with Your Grandchildren

It can sometimes be too easy to feel disconnected from your grandchildren. After all, they are many years younger than you, and they are growing up in a different generation than you did. It is likely that they will be experiencing the world much differently than you did, and it can be tricky to relate to this. There are ways to overcome the feeling of growing apart from them! By spending time doing activities with them, you will be able to reconnect and share experiences again. This will create lasting memories that your grandchildren will carry with them forever.

Go for Walks

Walking With Children

Children are spending far too much time indoors. They stay inside at school all day, then they come home and watch television all evening. This is not stimulating for their developing minds. Take the children away from the TV, and go on walks with them. Show them places where old buildings used to stand. Explain to them how they can tell how old trees are. Walk through fields of grass and flowers and embrace the outdoors. This will be a welcome change from the children’s regular activities. They will be able to thrive better if they are able to breathe in the fresh air. Overall, this will set the children up to be healthier in the long run, as they will likely continue to include daily walks in their lives as they grow up.

Rebuild a Car

Led Light Car

If you are a car enthusiast, rebuilding a car might be a fun project for you and your grandchildren. You may need to wait until they are a little older, but the payoff will be rewarding! If you get really adventurous, you could add extra parts to your car. Lightbar Liaison, for example, is a website that explains how to add LED light bars to the top of your car! You and your grandchildren will be the owners of the brightest car on the block!

Cook with Them

Bake With Grandparents

Sometimes life lessons need to be started as early as possible. Instill the love of cooking in your grandchildren by having them help you prepare meals for the entire family. They will appreciate the time that you are taking to teach them about something they will be using in the future. It will then be easier for them when they are older and trying to cook for themselves. The basic skills have already been mastered at that point. This is also the time to share old family recipes with them, and pass the secret ingredients down to the next generation to enjoy.


Do not let age get in the way of enjoying time with your grandchildren! Try to spend time with them doing activities that everyone enjoys doing. Walking, rebuilding a vehicle, or cooking are good examples of things that you could do with them. When they are grown up, they will definitely remember and appreciate that you took the time to bond with them.

When Your Grandchildren Stay Overnight

When parents start missing their alone time, it is usually when they ask you (the grandparents) if you would like to have the grandchildren stay overnight. This can be a fun time for everyone involved! You get to spend some more time with the children, and they get to have a break from the regular routine at home. However, sometimes it can be a bit chaotic to have the grandchildren overnight. There are a lot of little things that should be planned for in advance. This article will be going over some tips to ensure that things run as smoothly as possible!

Invest in a Mattress Protector

Sometimes when children are sleeping in unfamiliar places, they get anxious during the night. This is when bedwetting can occur. It is completely normal for children to experience this, but it is not very fun to clean up afterwards. Cover up the children’s mattresses with protectors to make sure that everything will stay nice and dry. The mattress will remain fresh, and you will just need to remove and clean the protector afterwards. Certain brands are rated quite highly for protection, while others are made from cheaper quality materials. Ask a sales representative at the store if you are not sure about the different kinds.

Do Not Vary from Routine too Much

It is nice for children to occasionally get a special treat from grandma and grandpa. However, it is important not to spoil them, or they might learn to take advantage of you. Do not give in too much, no matter how tempting it may seem. For example, if you let them watch their favourite show before bed, do not let them stay up past their bedtime. They already got a treat with the show, and so that is enough for them. Their parents will also appreciate if you stick to their regular routine as much as possible. Then the children will be easier to handle when they are back home again.

Interact with Them

Depending on how often you see your grandchildren, they might still be a bit unsure around you. By getting down to their level and playing with them, you are easing them into becoming relaxed with you. They will be more comfortable with you if they know that you enjoy spending hands-on time with them. Later on in their lives, they will be able to treasure those memories that you made with them.


It can be a lot of fun to have your grandchildren over to stay! They will bring some extra energy into the house with them and liven things up again. It is a good idea to prepare beforehand so that you all end up having a good time. Mattress protectors, routine and interaction are things that you can do to help everyone have lots of fun. It will also make for an easier cleanup for you the next day after they children have gone back home to their parents.

Making Your Home Last as Long as it Can with a Dehumidifier

If you want your home to last as long as you have, and for the generations which may follow you, there’s something to keep in mind: Humidity is not your friend. Especially this time of year, when the snow has melted and temperatures have begun to rise. Water in the air can be extreme, at times, and this is exacerbated even more when rains come around.

High humidity levels can lead to mildew and mold, structural damage and various other physical issues in your basement and around your home, not to mention your health. Your basement, however, can be especially prone to problems if it doesn’t have the right sort of ventilation it may need. In these cases, a dehumidifier can be a huge help in making sure issues are avoided. By removing additional humidity from the air, a dehumidifier works to keep things dryer and free from potential damage.

Consider First

Before running out and buying one, though, several things should be taken into consideration. First and foremost, you need to figure out how humid the area you wish to dry out is. Part of this is the actual relative humidity of the area, but the size of it makes a difference, as well. Dehumidifiers have a capacity level, letting them remove certain amounts of water from the air. If you have a massive basement but don’t get an appropriately sized dehumidifier, you’re not going to see much of a difference.


Temperature is also a factor. In situations below 65 degrees, some dehumidifiers have the potential of freezing up once the water from the air is cooled enough to turn into liquid water. It can quickly become ice and clog up your machine. Using a tool called a hygrometer is a great way to figure out these first questions. The hygrometer can tell you what sort of temperatures you’re working with as well as the relative humidity of the room. At that point, you’ll just need to make some measurements to determine the area.

Root of the Problem

Even before doing all that, however, it might be best to figure out exactly why your basement might be so humid. Where is the air or water getting in? Are all your windows sealed properly? Are any pipes coming in from the outside caulked correctly at the entry points? Cutting off humidity at the source is even better than using a dehumidifier, but the two can also be used in conjunction for greatest effect.


Should you think a dehumidifier is something you want in your life, here are some reviews for basement dehumidifiers that you should definitely check out. Keeping your basement area free of humidity provides a safer environment for everyone. Not only does it mean there will be less moisture overall, it means your home and everything in it will last for many, many years to come without any sort of extreme maintenance. Remember, humidity isn’t your friend. It has its place, but keeping it under control is key to making sure you and your loved ones can enjoy every aspect of your house.

Your Natural Adult Teeth are Meant to Last a Lifetime

As we age, some health concerns demand our full attention, such as the importance of seniors’ oral health. Stories about regrowth of lost permanent teeth are appealing urban legends. Don’t count on a miraculous restoration of your pearly whytes. Your teeth are intended to last a lifetime when you get regular dental checkups and attend to proper home care.

Regardless of your age, it’s possible to keep teeth and gums healthy. Brush twice each day, use a fluoride toothpaste (unless your dentist advises otherwise), floss every day, and see your dentist at least twice each year for cleanings and checkups. If you have periodontal disease, your dentist may recommend more frequent or intensive dental cleanings. Take his or her advice to maintain your dental health.

Special Oral Health Issues for Seniors

Older people face a higher likelihood of some conditions or diseases that affect oral health. If you take medicines or manage a chronic health condition, your teeth and gums may be affected. Long-term wear and tear on your teeth may result in the need to wear dentures.

Take action now. Discuss how medicines you take for diabetes, heart disease, or cancer therapy can affect your teeth. With proactive planning, it’s possible to meet many dental care challenges you face in the senior years, including:

Cavities (dental caries)

Tooth decay is more common on root surfaces in older people, so it’s essential to use a soft brush, use fluoridated toothpaste (unless your doctor indicates you shouldn’t), and see the dentist as often as he or she suggests.

Tooth sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity is common in the senior years. Gums are likely to recede and, in doing so, expose part of the tooth that aren’t protected by dental enamel. An exposed part of the tooth may be sensitive to hot or cold foods and liquids. In some cases, cold air may cause sensitivity in the teeth. See your dentist if you experience extreme sensitivity. You may have a fractured tooth or cracked enamel.

Dry mouth

Dry mouth may result from a variety of medical conditions or from taking certain medicines. Since saliva protects oral health, a dry mouth may damage your teeth. Ask the dentist to recommend moisturizing products, treatments, and medicines to help restore a healthy level of saliva.

Inform your dentist about health conditions

If your health changes between visits to the dentist, update the dentist about any health issues you face. For instance, if you have heart disease and the dentist needs to extract a tooth, you may need an antibiotic course before he or she schedules the extraction. It’s all about keeping you safe.

Dentures require special care

If you need dentures to chew, follow instructions about how to clean and care for them. Your dentist will need to check the fit of your dentures from time to time.

Gum diseases

If you’re over the age of 40, see the dentist to monitor the condition of your gums. Several factors, including poor diet, oral hygiene, chronic or systemic disease (cancer, heart disease, or diabetes), stress, smoking, or medicines can affect the condition and health of your gums. If one or both of your parents had gum disease, you may be at higher risk for it. Your dentist may be able to help you to fight or reverse gum disease if it’s found at the gingivitis stage. See your doctor regularly to ensure detection of gum disease. Prevent gum disease by following the dental hygienist’s instructions about proper oral hygiene.

Crowns and bridges

Lost teeth leave open spaces in the mouth. A crown helps you to protect a damaged tooth and restore its function. It’s a cover or a kind of cap to seal the inner tooth or, in some cases, it’s a way to improve the tooth’s alignment or appearance. A bridge is used to replace a missing tooth or several missing teeth. The bridge spans the space of the lost teeth. Your dentist may offer a permanent bridge that’s cemented to your natural teeth or recommend dental implants to maintain bone health.


In some cases, seniors benefit from orthodontics to straighten teeth that have shifted over time. Orthodontics can restore function and protect natural teeth from decay and crowding.

Old Man Working

Avoiding Back Pain in Your Old Age

Back pain is a topic that many of us are very familiar with. Either we have experienced it ourselves, or we have heard our friends and family talk about it. When people do start experiencing back pain, some of them just assume that there is nothing they can do about it. They accept the years of pain without trying to find a solution. However, back pain does not have to be inevitable. Read on to find out more about keeping your spine protected as you age.

Disc Degeneration

As we age, it is true that the discs in our backs will start to degenerate. There is not much that we can do to stop the natural processes of life. However, there are several ways that you can minimize this degeneration as much as possible. For instance, if you are overweight, or if you smoke, the process of disc degeneration will be accelerated. As well, if your daily activities are overly strenuous on your spine, this will not be beneficial to you.


Strengthening your core muscles is a method that you could start doing. Aerobics, bending forward, and bending backwards are common stretches that are used to improve posture. Be careful if you do not stretch regularly, because your body will not be used to it. Get into the habit slowly, and try something a little bit tougher each day. Eventually, your body will strengthen itself.

Buy a Better Mattresses

Better Mattress

Mattresses have the ability to support your body as you sleep, and a change might be needed for you. More supportive mattresses are typically better quality, and therefore will be more expensive. However, your posture will improve after utilizing a supportive mattress. Overall, your spinal health can be at least somewhat corrected. If you are unsure about the correct mattress type for your specific needs, try consulting a specialist. Or you could ask your doctor about what they would recommend for you.

Avoid Stress on Your Spine

Lifting Heavy Objects

Lifting heavy objects can take a toll on your spine and posture. Typically, the rule of thumb is that you should avoid lifting objects that are more than 25% of your body weight. If you are required to lift repeatedly at work, try changing your job around. Money certainly is important, but it is not worth running your health over.


Just because you are getting older, does not mean that you need to give up on maintain your health. In fact, it is more important than ever to stay healthy as you enter your retirement. Then you will be able to enjoy your life, and spend time with friends, children and grandchildren. Slowing disc degeneration, doing stretches, buying a better mattress, and avoiding putting stress on your spine are good methods that you can try out. Maybe one method will work for you while the others do not. This is why it is important to keep trying, in the hopes of finding a way of keeping your spine healthy.

Safety Sign

Three Ways You Can Prevent Accidents in Your Home Including Gun Safes

In our homes, we enjoy the fact that we have a place to take refuge and protect us from the often uncomfortable elements of nature. While we enjoy the fact that we have a safe haven, this doesn’t mean that danger can’t find us within its walls. The risk of having an accident in your home that could cause serious consequences is always there, and you’re facing increased odds if you have young children in the home. In fact, there are many leading causes of childhood injury in the home including:

  • Choking
  • Suffocating
  • Poisoning
  • Falls

There are so many things just waiting to go wrong. While you can’t completely eliminate danger in your home, you can take measures to prevent it. There are three helpful tips you should consider employing that can decrease your chances of facing an injurious or even fatal accident.

1. Use Special Precautions in the Kitchen


It’s quite obvious that there are increased dangers in the kitchen. After all, there are a number of elements that can lead to problems such as fire, water, and small appliances. That’s why you should keep the possibilities in mind as you work in this highly-trafficked area of your home. There are a number of precautionary measures well worth taking into consideration including:

  • Turn off the burner if you need to leave the kitchen with pots and pans on the stove
  • Never leave kids alone in the kitchen
  • Turn handles on pots in toward the stove while cooking
  • Keep knives contained in a knife block
  • Keep heavy items close to the ground

2. Consideration for Firearm Storage and Safety

Canon Gun SafesWhen you own a firearm, you have a powerful tool to keep you and your loved ones safe. In the event someone ever infiltrated your home, just brandishing a gun is typically enough to scare bad guys away. However, that doesn’t change the fact that accidents can lead to injury or even death.

The manner in which you store your firearm is crucial. If you currently just keep yours hanging on the wall or stuffed away in a closet, you run a number of risks. From the possibility of a child getting a hold of it to a burglar using it against you in a robbery attempt and more, it’s easy to see how quickly this could be very dangerous for the entire family. There are a few storage tips that can help you make your home safer. Just a few of these include:

  • Make sure the safety is engaged when not in use.
  • Don’t keep the gun loaded.
  • Invest in a quality gun safe. It’s not hard to find one for under 1000 without compromising on quality.

Decrease Fire Hazards

Fire Hazard

Fire HazardIn 2007 alone, there were 7,847 house fire in Canada which resulted in 171 injuries and 37 agonizing deaths. It can happen when you least expect it, and this is largely because we like to think it will never happen to us. The trouble is, when the flames begin to quickly spread from one room to the next, it’s too late to do anything other than flee the home and wait for help to arrive. Now’s the time to take preventive measures such as:

  • Install smoke alarms. If you already have them, check them a couple times per month to ensure your batteries are good.
  • Keep at least one fire extinguisher readily available per every 3,000 square feet of your home. Furthermore, make sure everyone in your home is aware of how to use one.
  • Create a fire escape plan specific to the layout of your home and hold fire drills for the entire family to engage in to practice.
  • Refrain from smoking in the house.

Enjoying the Only Life You Have to Live

You only have one life to live, and you can often feel as though it’s slipping through your fingers as you spend long hours at the office and taking care of business. It’s estimated that the average 35 to 44-year-old only spends 4.1 hours engaged in leisurely activities. That’s just a measly 16 percent of your day. You deserve to enjoy the only life you have to live, and you should be able to achieve just that in the comfort of your home. When you follow these helpful tips, you can decrease dangers and prevent potentially serious accidents from occurring, allowing you to more easily kick back and relax.

7 Values to Give Your Grandchild

While you can probably become your grandchild’s favorite grandpa for a little while by lavishing great gifts on them, the child will only value those gifts for a short bit. Instead, consider becoming a role model in their lives, and you will soon discover that they love spending time with you.

Teach Respect for Others

One of the most important lessons that you can teach them is to be yourself. You are a unique individual. Find ways to share with your grandchild what makes you unique. Do not stop there. Instead, show the grandchild that you value the things that make them unique as well.

Empower Them to Make the Most of Their Dreams


Grandchildren have lots of dreams that may never come true. Embrace those dreams with your whole attitude. For example, if they want to be a paramedic, then take them to see an ambulance. Look for every opportunity to help them make the most of their dreams. At the same time, involve the child in embracing your own dreams. They will love to help you, and the bonding time will be priceless.

Show Them the Importance of Caring for Others


Teach your grandchild the importance of looking out for others less fortunate than themselves. Have them help you deliver dog food to the local animal shelter or give someone without a car a ride to the doctor. While they are spending time with you, they will grow up to recognize the value in caring for others.

Be a Lifelong Learner


Embrace their love of learning by helping them learn something new. The world is full of opportunities to explore things that they are studying in school. For example, if they are finding the studying of planets fascinating, then consider taking them to the local observatory. Let the child know how much you enjoy learning even as an older adult by sharing with them things that you are learning in your own life at a level that they can understand.

Show Thanksgiving

Living with an attitude of gratitude in front of your grandchild can be really important. Make sure that you are showing them to respect every individual no matter what job they are doing. Say thank you and please in front of your grandchild so that they can proudly copy your style.

Teach That What the World Needs is More Love


Encourage them to be peacemakers by settling your own conflicts in positive ways. Agree to disagree with them in ways that will allow their minds to consider a problem from a different angle. If you are able to walk away from an argument, then let them see you do it. Otherwise, show them the power in fighting fairly. Let them see you happily embrace all those around you when something great is happening in their lives.

You see, it is not about the money that you spend on your grandchild, but about being a role model in their lives. When you are the type of individual that they want to follow, then they will gladly beg to spend time with you.

Grandpa’s Brain Workouts

I am sure most grandpas like me want to make the most of the precious family time they can get to spend with their grandchildren to develop a close bond with them. These times are the most valuable, aren’t they?

The problem is, how do we cope up with these lovable creatures? After 50, we are starting to have problems that come in the way between us and them. We have to make sure that we are physically and mentally ready to do so, and it starts with taking care of our body, and especially our mind.

In my case, I do brain exercises to keep me mentally sharp and alert. Here are some brain workouts that I regularly do:


1. I do math in my head – I try to figure out numbers without the aid of calculators or computers. I don’t always get the right answer, but I worked my brains out!

2. I like problem-solving – I have a lot of board games that I play with my grandchildren, such as scrabble, puzzles, Sudoku, and others, to stimulate my skill.

3. I keep my brain hormones balanced – I get into the sun more often and I get more vitamin D outdoors. I just started my vegetable garden last week.


4. I try to be creative even if I’m not – Painting and arts are fun hobbies and mental aerobics. They make me think and at the same time improve my handiness and skills.

5. I never cooked in my life – I took cooking classes to be able to use a lot of senses together – smell, touch, sight, and taste. I loved Chinese takeout and cakes, so I learned how to bake and how to cook Chinese dishes.


6. I read a lot! – Books, newspapers, and magazines, I read them all! They engage my brain all the time.

7. I am a computer geek! – Not really, but with the help of my grandchildren, I play with thousands of free games online to help build my skills.


8. Social activities – I always enjoy going out with my family and with my grandchildren, or even with old friends.

9. Do you imagine? – When you use your imagination, you exercise your brain. I imagine a lot of things like winning the lottery, going to the moon, etc.

10. Doing crazy things – I exercise my mind with crazy things, like doing things with eyes closed, using the other hand to write, etc. because they enhance my five senses.


I know I want to develop lasting relationships with my grandchildren, and the only way is to keep my body and my mind fit.

I combine physical and mental exercises, achieving healthy body and mind and at the same time having fun and enjoying with them at the same time.

At our age, we can exercise our brain by doing different kinds of stimulating brain exercises alone or together with our grandchildren. These mind games will enhance our minds, help counteract boredom and inactivity, and keep our minds sharp and alert! You don’t want to bore the grandchildren, do you?

5 awesome things about growing old

Getting old is often associated with misery. But the truth is, you never know just how great ageing is until you age. Being in my fifties, I can truthfully tell you that life gets better with age. Here are some awesome things about ageing that you probably didn’t know.

Getting Wiser


You probably have heard that you people get wiser with age. Well, this is very true. As you grow older so does your cognitive ability. Perhaps, because of past experiences which helps you to easily create connections between various situations. Therefore, you will notice that you get better at making decisions and solving problems as you grow older. This is one of the reason that you will find people trusting aged guys to lead them, in politics and even in the corporate world.



People tend to be happier in their old age. Why you ask? As you get older, your coping ability grows with you. Therefore, you will have less negativity towards life and various situations. Another reason why we older folks are happier is because of increased self-esteem. Past your middle age, you will not give a hoot about looking like a model. At this point, you are just comfortable with being you. This is one key to being happier.


After you reach your fifties you start appreciating yourself as you are. Spending all those years trying to be something else has probably worn you out and at this point you just want to relax and be comfortable in your skin. This is followed by less effort to look like someone else, thus, your stress levels go under.

More Money and More Savings


When you hit your fifties, you will notice that there are more inlets bringing you more and more ways of saving you money. First, you are guaranteed of a minimum income even when you are not working. Also, with Medicare and Medicaid, you are guaranteed of a health insurance that significantly reduces your medical costs. Also, at this point you will find more people, especially family willing to support you, if not financially, in terms of service.

Clear Priorities in Life


We older folks tend to make better choices than we would when we were younger. You will find that we attribute somethings, like spending time with family, with more significance than others. This comes after years of lessons and learning to identify and appreciate what matters most in our life. Also, you will notice that as an older folk, you pay more attention to the good rather than to the bad.

Bottom Line

Getting old doesn’t mean that your life automatically starts to sulk or your face gets saggy. If you are eating right and exercising you might stay unbelievably young while enjoying the awesomeness of old age. If you live to your fifties and more, you will consider these as your peak years. So, worry no more about getting older (gerascophobia), for it only gets better.